Todays task was to interview someone and find out about them and who they are. I ask him about his childhood and his interests. During his childhood he moved around a lot and went to about 3 different schools which were all around the same area. He goes onto say how there wasn’t many boys at one of the schools he was attending so he changed.

When I ask about his interests he mentioned music, films and games which all fall into the same sort of category as media related, This shows the type of person he is and that he is media driven and enjoys digital products.

When I asked what got him into his interests he said how he had always be into them and that music in particular is everywhere. It is used in films and videogames as well which was his other interests.

Finally I asked if his interest were always enjoyable to him, he said that there were times were he had not liked certain songs from the artists he followed so didn’t quite enjoy it.



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