Tension Sound Task


For this task I had to create tension using sound. My group decided to do an exam scene which was a good way to use sound for tension as there is a lot to think about and loads of possible sounds you could find in that environment.

There was no sound recorded on location, we recorded Foley sound separately in the dead room using a Zoom H1. Most of the sounds required objects that we had access to which made getting the sounds easier, but we could have used completely different objects to create the sounds if we had decided to.

I gradually added each sound once the visual for it was seen on-screen, then towards the end it got louder and louder until the character couldn’t take it anymore and stormed out the room.

I gradually raised the gain of each of the audio so that it had the effect of getting louder in the room. I also added reverb to some of the more prominent sounds so it would sound like it’s echoing inside the characters head as if everything was getting too much to handle.

I colour graded this project to make the scene darker than it was shot, I felt by having it a little bit darker it added some tension to the scene which helped backup the sound in making the scene have tension which is the task we were trying to achieve.

We recorded audio before we recorded the footage which I felt was a mistake afterwards as some sound didn’t fit the video. If we had shot the footage first then we could have recorded sound as we were watching the video to make sure it fit perfectly. Recording sound afterwards would also allow us to make sure we got all the sounds we needed and that everything looked as it should.

I think this worked well. The ways the sounds slowly get louder creating the effect of the character hearing it in her head works great. I feel it would have made a slight improvement if we had recorded sound after the footage so we could line it all up perfectly so it would all run smoothly and be more appealing to the eye.

Tension Sound Task

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