Lighting Task

We were set a task to recreate a certain type of scene using light. We had to create a fire scene, a person watching TV and people driving a car.

For the fire scene we used two lights. One LED light with an orange gel folded over four times to get a darker orange. At first we tried shining the second light directly at the back of the subject to create a back light but that on its own was too harsh. So we decided to shine the second one facing away from the subject being shone towards a reflector that bounced the light back to the subject to achieve a softer back light. There was also a diffuser attached to the light to also achieve a softer light. We then slowly flickered the light to add the effect of flames in front of the subject.

For the TV scene we did a similar thing. We only used the one LED light for this shot but swapped out the orange gel for a diffuser. We only used one to try to get the effect of someone sitting in a dark room watching the TV so there was no need for a back light or a fill light. We did the same flickering effect that we did for the fire but less erratic and this gave the effect that the subject was sitting in a dark room watching the television.

For the car driving scene we had to think of a way to show reflections coming from the door window. We came up with the idea of holding a small sheet of transparent plastic in front off the lens and move it around which would reflect the light and hopefully recreate reflections of passing street lamps and buildings on a car door window. This effect turned out to work quite well and we was all impressed at how similar it was to the effect we was trying to achieve. If we had more time we could have tested out and adapted our techniques to hopefully achieve a more realistic look.

I think the TV effect worked the best and would have worked great if there was sound to go with it, it looked the most realistic out of the three and would be a good technique to use in a project in the future.


Lighting Task

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