Characteristics and Context of Broad Church

Broad church is British TV program about the murder of a little boy in a small seaside town. Broad church was in production through out the years of 2011, 2012 and 2013.


There were was research done saying that was a huge lack of woman in executive roles. In Broad church there is two main characters in equal positions, a male and female. They could have done this so that it is aimed at both audiences and also to be relevant to a popular topic during the time.


In 2011 there was 5 nights of ongoing riots over a death of a man who was shot by police officers. This could of been used by Broad church to show how much of an impact a murder can have on people and what type of reactions or consequence it may have.


The genre is a crime thriller, this is expected to follow a main character or pair of characters as they take on a case and try to discover the truth. Most crime thrillers only let the audience know as much as the characters know themselves so you can follow the case and find clues with them.

The music follows genre rules as well. The music during the opening starts of slow and builds up to create suspense and the feeling something is coming. There is shots of the police station and this is slightly longer than the rest of the shots as the show is revolved around the police and a murder case. It then hits the audience with the powerful shot of the child standing on the cliff side. Then everything proceeds to be normal with a few hints to the previous opening. That whole opening has set up the genre perfectly and tells the audience exactly what to expect.

Target Audience

There isn’t a age targeted audience apart from children as it involves upsetting content, but it is more aimed at people with similar interest for crime thrillers. It is aimed for people who live in a small town who could relate to knowing nearly everyone and having such a tight community. It is aimed for both genders as there is a male and a female main character and the story isn’t focused on one in particular there is also all the followers of David Tennant.


David Tennent’s character Detective Inspector Alec Hardy comes of as scruffy however seems professional. When we first meet him he is asked a question about the case he is working on and he shrugs, this could mean he has no motive and doesn’t really care.

Characteristics and Context of Broad Church

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