TV Programme Scene Analysis

The first thing you see when watching the opening scene of Breaking Bad (2013) is a pair of trousers get run over by an RV which a few seconds later is revealed to belong to the middle aged man wearing nothing but a gas mask and his underwear driving the RV.

This draws the audience in as it is a very unusual scenario to see and its fair to say no one has been in it at any point in their life. The music is intense which creates the idea that they are being followed by someone or something to solidify this idea the man driving the RV keep looking behind his shoulder and acting panicked.

There are two bodies sliding around in the back of the RV which makes the audience want to know the whole story behind them and why they are there. We then begin to hear very distance sirens which the man reacts to, this suggests what ever he is doing there is illegal.

When he reenters the RV he hasn’t got his gas mask on anymore so takes a deep breath upon entering this shows there is some kind of toxin or gas in there which explains the gas masks. This is another story that we as an audience would like to uncover.

He starts to record a video for his family. The fact that he is acting scared and upset could suggest he is new to whatever he is doing and never usually does anything illegal. By showing him make a video for his family shows he is a family man and this side of his life is hidden and unknown.

He then proceeds to stand in the middle of the road and get ready for a gunfight with the approaching law enforcement. This could counter the fact that he could be new at what he is doing as he is willing to go to the extreme and kill innocent people to avoid prison.

TV Programme Scene Analysis

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