Green Screen Task


At the start of this task we had to set up a green screen so we could record our individual footage in front of it and add relevant pictures to the topic we are talking about.
There were a few problems when setting up the green screen such as creases. There were some creases in the footage because the green screen we set up was used a lot for practical use so had been folded up and taken out many times in a short period however we were able to get a few of them out by smoothing out the sheet and would be able to get rid of them all if we were to iron it if we had the time and the resources.

We then went on to film our individual videos talking about a topic of our choice, I chose to talk about the film ‘Inception’ (July 8, 2010) by the director Christopher Nolan. I gathered images from the parts of the film I spoke about and added them behind me in the edit.

I did this in Avid, first I brought all my footage in to avid then cut all of the part where I stop to think about what I am going to say out of the clip of me talking. There was almost a minute of footage where a lorry was reversing outside which the camera picked up so I also cut that out to clean it up and make it seem more professional. After that I had the remove the background of the green screen footage, to do this I had to add the effect ‘Spectra Matte’ under the key section. Then change the key colour to green.


After I did that all the green in the footage went so I could see the relative pictures behind it. In order for it to work the green screen footage of me had to be in track V2 and the pictures had to be in track V1 so it shows up behind.

There were a few dark marks were the sheet was creased so to fix this in editing I upped the tolerance and it faded out. Then repeated the process for all the cuts I made to get the finished product.


Overall thus worked well and gave a brief understanding on what the film inception is about without giving away to much. This would be a good video to use to gain peoples interest in the movie as the images behind me support what I am saying and gives a quick snapshot of what the film looks like instead of what its just about.

Green Screen Task

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