The Game – Framing and Composition

We were tasked with recreating a scene from The Game (2014) using still images. We had to focus on framing and lighting. We managed to get the shadow on the right side of the subjects face, this was done by shining a light toward a gold reflector which bounced the light onto the subjects face. Our main focus was framing, we tried to recreate the scene exactly how it was framed and we got a good outcome.


In the shot we were able to achieve a good shadow on the subject face which was the same as the one the character had in the scene.

IMG_5908.JPGcallum standing.JPG

We weren’t achieve the correct shadow on our subject due to our location and the equipment we had access to but still achieve the framing correctly.

img_5883pouring drink.JPG

The framing in this shot isn’t perfect as my hand are a little too high but we did the lighting well as there is a good contrast of shadows and light.

IMG_5915.JPGsitting down.JPG

The lighting in this shot is good however it could have been closer to the subject standing up to be even more similar to the scene as at the moment the character standing up seems really far away.

IMG_5918.JPGcallum sitting.JPG

Our version of this shot is slightly out of focus which ruins it, however the framing works well and is very similar to the original scene. There should have been more shadow on the left of the characters face however we didn’t have control over the house lights in the room as there were other groups in there so we had to rely on using a small LED light but that wasn’t powerful enough.


This shot is also out of focus which ruins it but the framing was very similar to the original. The golden light being shone on the left of the subjects face is to harsh, it takes some of the effect away from the shadows and makes the shot too bright.

IMG_5919.JPGtilt head.JPG

The angle of this shot is too close, in the original there is some of the table in shot which shows a glass. The reason we couldn’t quite do that was we didn’t have any glasses and the area we wearing taking the pictures in was limited by two other groups doing the same task.

IMG_5893.JPGclick pen.JPG

This shot was taken to high up, not all the bottle should have been in shot and the character is facing the wrong way. The fact that the character is facing the wrong way takes away some off the shadows as more of the light is able to get pass the subjects face as he is looking away from it.

IMG_5920.JPGcallum close up.JPG

This shot worked well. There is the same shadow around the eyes and cheek areas as the original scene. The framing is slightly to far to the right however it still has the same effect.

IMG_5894.JPGme close up.JPG

This scene also has the same shadows as the original however, we couldn’t control the house lights so there was lots of light coming from above which cancelled out the shadows we were trying to achieve from shining a light on the side of the subject face.

IMG_5924.JPGmid shor.JPG

There is a lot of differences between these two shots. Ours was out of focus again and was not framed correctly, there was too much space above the characters head which makes the shot look bad.

IMG_5897.JPGpen mid.JPG

This scene worked well, the framing was slightly different as in the original the character is all the way to the right off the screen where as in ours the character is in the centre. The character that is only half in the frame should be more of a silhouette however again we haven’t got control of the house lights so we couldn’t get that effect.

IMG_5926.JPG callum drinking.JPG

This scene worked well and wasn’t far off the original scene but the problem was the silhouette again.

IMG_5928.JPGcallum standing up.JPG

This scene was good the framing worked great. It could have been brighter but that was just the room that we were in, we happened to be filming in a room with black walls so it didn’t match the original scene but that was out of our control.

IMG_5900.JPGvloseing notebook.JPG

This scene was great, the golden light on the side of the characters face in ours really looks like it could be coming from a lamp or another light source. It would look great if we had control over the house lights as then there would have been a shadow casted on the other side of the characters face like I the original.

IMG_5914.JPGhands behind.JPG

This scene isn’t similar to the original in any way apart from both actors are standing. The lighting is to bright and the framing is to far away. It needed to be close to have more of a personal feeling to it and he needed to be in more shadow than he is in our scene.

IMG_5906.JPGlooking up close.JPG

This is a good shot, the framing is almost spot on. the background is out of focus just like the original to draw more attention onto the characters face as he is saying something of importance to the story.

IMG_5930.JPGlooking down close.JPG

For the close ups we used a golden reflector to create the effect of the lamps to the sides of the characters. We shone an LED light at the reflector which bounced the golden light back onto  the subjects. This worked well and allowed us to create a golden light to reflect onto the side of the subjects faces while keeping the shadow on the other side of the characters face, similar to that in the original scene.

Overall if we were to try to get exactly the same outcome we would need a better control over our surroundings. Our biggest problem with the images was there wasn’t enough shadow too recreate the original shot, mainly because of the house lights that I spoke about in pretty a lot of the images above. We could have done it in a warmer environment as the room we shot in had every wall painted black and the floor and ceiling was the same, however the original scene was in a warm environment using shades of oranges and yellows which was a huge contrast between the two.

The Game – Framing and Composition

TV Programme Scene Analysis

The first thing you see when watching the opening scene of Breaking Bad (2013) is a pair of trousers get run over by an RV which a few seconds later is revealed to belong to the middle aged man wearing nothing but a gas mask and his underwear driving the RV.

This draws the audience in as it is a very unusual scenario to see and its fair to say no one has been in it at any point in their life. The music is intense which creates the idea that they are being followed by someone or something to solidify this idea the man driving the RV keep looking behind his shoulder and acting panicked.

There are two bodies sliding around in the back of the RV which makes the audience want to know the whole story behind them and why they are there. We then begin to hear very distance sirens which the man reacts to, this suggests what ever he is doing there is illegal.

When he reenters the RV he hasn’t got his gas mask on anymore so takes a deep breath upon entering this shows there is some kind of toxin or gas in there which explains the gas masks. This is another story that we as an audience would like to uncover.

He starts to record a video for his family. The fact that he is acting scared and upset could suggest he is new to whatever he is doing and never usually does anything illegal. By showing him make a video for his family shows he is a family man and this side of his life is hidden and unknown.

He then proceeds to stand in the middle of the road and get ready for a gunfight with the approaching law enforcement. This could counter the fact that he could be new at what he is doing as he is willing to go to the extreme and kill innocent people to avoid prison.

TV Programme Scene Analysis

Green Screen Task


At the start of this task we had to set up a green screen so we could record our individual footage in front of it and add relevant pictures to the topic we are talking about.
There were a few problems when setting up the green screen such as creases. There were some creases in the footage because the green screen we set up was used a lot for practical use so had been folded up and taken out many times in a short period however we were able to get a few of them out by smoothing out the sheet and would be able to get rid of them all if we were to iron it if we had the time and the resources.

We then went on to film our individual videos talking about a topic of our choice, I chose to talk about the film ‘Inception’ (July 8, 2010) by the director Christopher Nolan. I gathered images from the parts of the film I spoke about and added them behind me in the edit.

I did this in Avid, first I brought all my footage in to avid then cut all of the part where I stop to think about what I am going to say out of the clip of me talking. There was almost a minute of footage where a lorry was reversing outside which the camera picked up so I also cut that out to clean it up and make it seem more professional. After that I had the remove the background of the green screen footage, to do this I had to add the effect ‘Spectra Matte’ under the key section. Then change the key colour to green.


After I did that all the green in the footage went so I could see the relative pictures behind it. In order for it to work the green screen footage of me had to be in track V2 and the pictures had to be in track V1 so it shows up behind.

There were a few dark marks were the sheet was creased so to fix this in editing I upped the tolerance and it faded out. Then repeated the process for all the cuts I made to get the finished product.


Overall thus worked well and gave a brief understanding on what the film inception is about without giving away to much. This would be a good video to use to gain peoples interest in the movie as the images behind me support what I am saying and gives a quick snapshot of what the film looks like instead of what its just about.

Green Screen Task