Reflective Writing on FMP

To start the project we had to find out who we are. This meant we had to look into our four main interests and base a project off of them, this was surprisingly difficult as some of my interests wouldn’t make an interesting project. I ended up switching between many of my interests to try to have the most interesting project idea based on them. Having to do this made it a lot harder to come up with a gripping idea for my Final Major Project as I had to try my best to tie it in with these interests.

I then looked into my interests and found out what the public thought of them and what they would like to see from a project inspired by them. I asked what they thought of my ideas and many agreed about what I liked and how I’m going to implement them into my project. I then looked into secondary evidence about my interests which I found helpful as it did spark some ideas for my FMP.

I evaluated my primary research which was a survey monkey questionnaire asking what people thought of my interests and ideas. They gave their opinion on my interests which help me find out whether it was an interesting topic to make a project about.

Once I had a an idea for my project I did research for it such as location recce, proposals, risk assessments ect. This was helpful to know all this information to make it easier for me to shoot. However there was issues with the locations such as needing permits to film there. I also linked my script in 1.1.

I then wrote about why I chose these interests and why I’m interested in them in the first place, the basic premise of my project and what are some influences for it. This was more for the audience as I know what I was going to do so this was to help them understand it in their own minds by having lots of platforms to describe how it will be like.

I looked into different types of apocalypses to help me understand the scenario as that is what my film will be set in. This help me understand how some people will feel in that type of setting and also using my own knowledge of apocalypses I came up with a story.

I wanted to have the main setting of the short film to be around a campfire so I could experiment with lighting. I looked into ways of creating a fire effect using a light and a dimmer switch, this was really helpful and is actually the technique I used in my own project.

I then made the project using all the things I researched and it came out pretty good. There was audio problems that could have been easily avoided which I was unable to do at such short notice but could easily do better if I was to attempt this again.

I wrote up a daily diary to describe what happened on set that day and how I achieved the effect or shot I did. This was to give the audience some insight into how i achieved everything I did and how I made the overall project.

I also spoke about post production and what I did to end up with the end product. I spoke about it in the daily diary and on its own in my blog. I spoke about what I did while editing, what I did with the files and what I did for the credits.

For 4.1 I spoke about everything that went wrong and how I may have avoided it. I feel after making it and evaluating everything I did I could make a much better project if I did it again using all the things I learned about the techniques and problems I experienced.

I then went through answering questions about my project, comparing it to other things and ways I could improve. Again this help me understand how things went wrong and how I would go about avoiding these problems next time I shoot. I spoke about how I experimented with lighting and how it had an effect on the project.

Finally I got some feedback from my class about the finished short film and what I could do to improve, a lot of the things they said I agreed with and had the similar opinion in the first place, this helped me understand the flaws off my project from a different point of view.


Reflective Writing on FMP

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