3.1 Apply practical skills – Production Pitch


Final Major Project

Project Management Techniques


This is a call sheet listing all the information that people apart of the production may need to know about during the production and pre-production process.


I made a production schedule at the bottom of this document that states when and how long I will set aside for each task.


Team and Individual Performance Monitoring

Daily Production/Post-Production Diary

Day 1: Today’s filming went well, we got a lot done in a small amount of time. We completed Act 1 in two and a half hours filming. At first I went through the script with everyone to make sure they knew there ques and what was happening in each scene.

We then also managed to get the establishing shots in wooded areas to lead up to the campfire in the woods scene. We accomplished this in three hours filming then I put all of the footage on my memory stick ready for editing.

This followed the schedule well as I had planned to get Act 1 and 2 done the same day.

Day 2: We started filming the campfire scene at 9:30 pm when it got dark and didn’t finish until 11:30 pm but then for half an hour I had the actors re-record the audio inside so that it was clearer and I could use it if I wanted.

This was almost exactly what I had planned however we had to finish the end of Act 3 tomorrow as it took longer to get dark than expected so we finished later.

Day 3: We Filmed the last scene of Act 3 in a different location to the rest of Act 3, as it was a more enclosed area due to trees we were able to start a little bit earlier at 8:30 pm and we filmed for an hour. I then put all the clips onto my memory stick and named each clip dependent on what scene it was or what was said so that it was easier to put together in the editing software.

Day 4: I edited the project all today, to make it easier I got all the sound effects and music that I needed yesterday night. This meant I could get straight into editing the project.

This was not how long I had planned it to take. I had scheduled 3 days to edit but it only took me 1.


Pre-Production materials

official story board

I made a story board using images from google images showing roughly what shots I would like to use in my short film. I printed them off and wrote what each scene would consist of and the actions the characters would do and shortened versions of the dialogue.


I wrote a script for the short film, the actors did slightly ad-lib so the film doesn’t match the script 100% but it follows the same story and idea. It also says when people will move or run off scene.



Production Development


Production Process

Directing the crew went well as the film didn’t require that many people, everyone listened and all understood what I was trying to achieve with the different shots. The actors hadn’t had any past experience with acting so in an attempt to make their acting better I tried to explain shot by shot what was happening and how their character would be feeling. I also told them they could improvise the script if they felt they needed to which worked for making it feel more natural however did bring up some syncing issues in post production. Using the camera was good as well the shots worked well and looked good but when watching it through I realised that most of the shots are static which doesn’t have the same feel to it as if some shots had motion to it. I acted in one scene so another crew member had to fill in while I was on-screen. I tried to tell them exactly what I wanted from the shot and how to achieve it and they did a good job.2016-05-31-PHOTO-00000012

I had a few things go wrong while on set. One of the problems I had been the wire for the shotgun microphone was unstable and would not record sound when plugged into the Zoom. This meant I had to use the Zoom alone to record my sound, this caused a lot of wind and cars to be picked up in the background during the day shots. I did try to reduce the amount of background noise by putting a sock over the top of the microphone and it did slightly help but there was still background noise. By letting the actors ad lip where they wanted to was a problem in the long run, although it did make the scene more natural and believable it also meant when I asked them to re dub the audio I had them read of the script so the lines didn’t match. This could have been avoided by watching back the clips and making note of the changes the actors made so that they could record clearer versions later. Another problem was that I ordered two dimmer switches from amazon but when I tried to use them with a light they both blew. I then had to make a custom light that dims using a normal light bulb and wiring it up to a household dimmer, this is what I used with an orange gel over the light and it worked great.


There was also changes in schedule which led to slight location changes. For the Herne Bay park location it had to be filmed early in the morning when it was quiet and no one was around however some of the crew had work and couldn’t make it to them shoots so we had to change locations to a place which was similar in environment.

The main focus of my project was visuals, I used an orange gel and placed it over the dimmable light. I wanted the background during the campfire scene to be pitch black, I achieved this by hanging a black sheet on the fence behind my actors so it covered the fence in shot as well as waiting for it to be dark so the black sheet isn’t as noticeable.

IMG_2244 IMG_2248


Post-Production Process

Once I got all my footage onto the computer I went through it all and named them after what scene or shot it was.


other names

This was to make it easier to put together once in Avid. I edited all the footage so there were smooth cuts between angles and shortened it where needed, I then put all the edited footage together and added music to the establishing shots at the beginning. The establishing shots were to establish that the film is in an apocalyptic setting by showing abandoned sheds and houses. I downloaded royalty free music and sound effects to use for this project and added them in to add to the realism of the scenes.

whole timelione

I added credits at the end naming who the actors and crew where, I did it one name at a time and then faded out and in when they change as this worked well with the music I had in the background and also there was quiet a short list of people so by having one name at a time it made it longer.

credits fade

I added black bars to the film in Avid to try to add the effect of it being a film however I didn’t take this into consideration when filming and it cut the actors heads in half during some of the shots.



3.1 Apply practical skills – Production Pitch

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