Week 7: Work Produced

For this task I am going to choose stills from films and talk about the colour correction, why it has been used and what effect it might have on the scene.


This image from the film ‘John Wick’ (2014) shows the character at his wife’s funeral. The scene is very blue and uses this to represent what sort of emotional state the character is in which could be lonely, sad or depressed and this is when you start to see the character transform. It also gives the scene a cold, dark feel which also adds to the characters feelings but also the environment around him as he is at a graveyard everyone else around him is most likely feeling the same way. The character is wearing an all black suit as he is mourning his wife, however this could again be linked to the characters feelings and he continues to wear it in some other scenes during the film. Despite the blue making the scene feel dark it is actually well lit as its in the middle of the day but is gloomy as it is raining. The blue effect could be achieved by using a blue filter during production or by altering the colour in post production.



This scene from ‘Looper’ (2012) uses an orange tint when the character is explaining what will happen as it is a sort of dream sequence. This has the same look as old films and photos which works well as a dream sequence. It is also in slow motion which could represent that the main character is making a big decision and time slows down as he’s making this choice.


 Three point lighting task and Scene Recreation task:


In a group we set up a three point lighting rig shown in the photos above. We used a standard light source for the key light, a reflector as the fill light which needs the key light to work as it reflects the light onto the subject and as we hade a limited amount of lights we used an iPhone torch as a backlight.

three point lighting example

This is the outcome of the whole three point lighting setup. This is a very common setup as it can be used in many ways to brighten up the characters face, it is most commonly used in interviews.

just key light

This is just the key light out of the whole three point lighting setup. This is the main light that illuminates the subjects face, using this on its own creates a strong shadow on the other side of his face which you use the fill light to even it out.

just back light

This is just the back light of the three point lighting setup. This is commonly used to separate the subject from the background to make them stand out more.


For the next task we had to recreate the light used in selected scene.

the_usual_suspectsthe usual suspects

The scene I chose is from ‘The Usual Suspects’ (1995) where the characters are lined up and there is strong shadows behind them all, we didn’t have as many people as they did so we recreated it uses one actor. There is a few flaws in my recreations such as there is more light in the original, you can tell as in my image there is a shadow on the nose which none of the characters have in the original. A reason for this is that they probably edited in the shadows in post production. The shadow on the nose makes a huge difference to my image as it adds a horror feel to it which is not the films genre.
To make this better I could have added more light to the front of the character to make it overall lighter as my image looks more sinister than its meant to be, and that will also fix the shadow on the nose of my subject to make it look a lot more like the original and less like a horror film and more like the intended genre.


Week 7: Work Produced

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