Week 7: Feedback and Reflections

We had to talk about the use of colour, what it does and why it was used in film stills and then recreate another film still of our choice.

Picking scenes that use colour for a certain reason wasn’t a difficult task as a lot of films use this skill. However I struggled to explain what was happening in the Looper scene. The John Wick scene was a great choice as colour is used for the majority of this scene, I couldn’t find a clip of the scene but I found a still of it which I spoke about and also by using my memory.

We then had to recreate a scene that uses certain lighting to portray meaning. We also shoed images of us setting up three point lighting around a subject then what each individual light in the setup does. The scene I recreated was the line up from ‘The Usual Suspects’ they all have shadows casting up the wall, I recreated the shadow well however did not use enough light as there is a shadow on the nose of the subject which makes it more sinister than its meant to be.

If I was going to do this again I would use more light so that the outcome was less sinister and look more like the original. I would also recreate more film stills to experiment with more skills using light.

Week 7: Feedback and Reflections

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