Week 6: Work Produced

Sound Task:

For this task we were given the Pixar’s short film ‘Lifted’ (2006) without the audio and was told to build up the sounds using Foley and sounds of the internet that we may need.

The sounds were from all around the college, for example the sound of the space ship was a generator and the sound of the squeaking bench at the start was a chair.

This is the first attempt I did using mostly Foley sound and some sounds off of Google, however I was unhappy with the outcome. I didn’t feel the sounds fitted and I felt I rushed it, so I started again.

I was happier with this one than the first one as I spent more time on it and edit some of the sounds in audacity such as the space ship sound. I slowed the generator noise down which made it deep, then layered it with a high pitched generator noise which resulted in the sound in the video.
I got more sounds of the internet which fit better with the scenes such as the windmill sound at the beginning but still kept some of the original Foley sounds.

If I was to do this again I would spend more time getting sounds and make sure I have every sound I need and that it fits well in order to get the best outcome. I also wouldn’t rush it like I did for the first attempt.

Week 6: Work Produced

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