Week 6: Problems and Solutions

For this task we had to recorded Foley sounds for a short film with no audio I had a few problems with this such as I was unhappy with my first attempt as the sounds that I got didn’t quite fit with the clip. I think the lack of sounds made the video seem repetitive so to fix this I started again and used a wider variety of sounds off of the internet as well as the Foley sounds I got before hand. This made the edit feel much less repetitive and had an overall better effect than Foley sounds alone.

I felt the sounds weren’t right and didn’t fit properly so I took them into audacity and edited them to sounds more like what they’re supposed to. For example I recorded the noise of a generator which was for the space ship so I lowered the volume of the sounds and added some reverb which made it sound less like a generator and more like a space ship. I also took the same audio and instead of lowering the audio I raised it then did the same with reverb and combined them together to get the outcome in the second attempt.

Week 6: Problems and Solutions

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