Week 6: Feedback and Reflections

For this task I had to gather lots of Foley sounds to add to a short film without any audio. Actually gathering the sounds was more difficult than editing them into the clip as we had limited sounds as we were in college grounds and couldn’t leave. First we watched the scene and wrote down all the sounds we could hear and next to it ideas for Foley. We managed to get a good amount of sounds for the short film such as a traffic cone hitting the ground was good for when the character hit his head against the wall, and we got a squeak of a chair for the bench and windmill at the start however I did change the sounds in a second attempt of the edit.

When editing it went well to begin with but once I finished the sounds felt a little bit repetitive as we only had a certain range of choice. I decided to try again but this time using some sounds of the internet which worked better than the first one. I also put the Foley sounds that I got into audacity and edited them by lowering and raising the volume and adding echo and other things to make them sound more like space ships etc.

If I was going to this task again I would make sure I get enough sounds to have a variety of choice and wont rush the editing process. I would also edit the sounds before hand so they are all perfect before I begin the edit.


Week 6: Feedback and Reflections

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