Week 5: Work Produced

I am going to give an example for each shot type.


ECU – Shows reactions and or emotions in the persons eyes.

BCU – Shows reaction and or emotions on the characters face.

CU – This could be used to see the emotion during a dialogue scene.

MCU – This would be used for a more casual dialogue scene.


MS –


LS – For an fight scene or could be used as an establishing the character.

ELS – This would also be an establishing a character.


Two Shot (CU/ MCU / MS) –

Over the shoulder shot – This is used for a conversation between two people with shot reverse shot.

Interviewee looks / talks into space in the frame (and towards the interviewer) – This is used to add the idea he’s still talking to someone.

Moving subject into space –


Tilted frame –

Low angle shot (DA / LA) –

High angle shot –


For this project we had to experiment with movement and different equipment, we used the steady cam for every scene however the main reason we used it as for the tracking scene down the corridor. The idea of this project was to get from one location to another using the 180 degree rule and rules of composition such as rule of thirds. We were given the location by the vending machine, there was a problem with this location as it was right outside the maths area so was always busy and also the you could hear slight buzzing of the vending machines when recording audio so we moved the dialogue to later on.

I edited the footage to go with the music which is the kill bill theme tune, during the scene when the subject is walking through the corridor I cut the footage at different places. This made the clip overall shorter as it started to drag and it had a nice jumping effect that is in time with the soundtrack. We were inspired by Quentin Tarantino films with the angles and movements so I thought I would try that soundtrack and it worked surprisingly well.

The audio at the beginning and end was recorded separately using a zoom microphone which we had to the side of the camera while the subjects spoke. The reason we recorded it separately was because we wanted to practise syncing audio in Avid.



Week 5: Work Produced

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