Week 5: Feedback and Reflections

Over the past week we have been given the task of using Twitter and have been promoting our own projects and each others using the hash tag #ccfilmsquad and #cchalloproject. Almost every professional production company has some sort of Twitter account whether its a personal one or a company one, they use it to promote their films, show trailers and even TV programmes. An example of this is Quentin Tarantino’s recent film ‘The Hateful Eight’ they have a Twitter account under the handle (@thehatefuleight) which they post trailers, information and retweet anything to do with their film so people can expect information from them about that specific film. I am going to compare the difference between two students accounts who have been on and off over the past week experimenting with it and I’m going to find out who had a better reaction to their content and how they achieved it.

bradleyfilm snippet

This is @Bradley_Films he tweeted four times and each time their was some kind of response from the audience whether it was a like or a retweet, he got 9 retweets overall and 10 likes. He got a lot of impressions on his tweets and even got 511 on one of them. An impression is whenever someone using Twitter comes across and views your tweet it counts as one impression.

blackburnfilms snippet

This is @Blackburn_Films he tweeted more times than @Bradley_Film so overall got more responses. he got 9 retweets, 5 replies and 14 likes. he got more amount of impressions in total however @Bradley_Films got more on a single tweet.

@Blackburn_Films had more responses than @Bradley_Films as he was more interactive with his followers as he asked more questions also reached out and spoke to companies which had a big fan base themselves which would explain why was more successful. Reaching out to  a company is a common strategy for getting your work out there, In this situation @Blackburn_Films had a conversation with Dominoes pizza and they followed him. Although the audience of each account is entirely different it could have brought some of their followers over to his account to check out his work.

They both used Twitter to promote their work and get peoples opinions on it, although no one replied on Twitter they followed the link and left a comment on YouTube saying what they liked about the videos and suggested anything that may improve it. They also help each other by retweeting each others work so that both their audiences go over and look at the other persons work.

Week 5: Feedback and Reflections

2 thoughts on “Week 5: Feedback and Reflections

    Declan, well done for all your posts. You have obviously worked very hard on them, although there are a few “holes” still where you have written work but not completed it. This will not take long to rectify, and as I say, what you have produced is very good.
    We are going to work on effective production of reflective writing in class after SDSW – it is a skill just that same as setting up a tripod. You have made some very good reflective posts, we just need to apply them, so you can say what you have learnt from the process.
    You should also be very pleased, that you are one of the few who has remembered to tag. So when I talk about it in class, remember it doesn’t apply to you! I look forward to seeing your project 2 when we commence it after SDSW.


    In your week 5 post, you have made a good attempt at reflecting on your Twitter experience. You have done well to comment on how the Georges’ got on, but to really write reflectively you needed to comment on what you would do to improve. You have, in an indirect way, but you need to make every statement obvious and standout.


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