Week 4: Word Produced

Location recce


  • Is there any unwanted ambient sound?
  • Is there any unwanted background noise?
  • Is there echo?
  • Is there wind?
  • Is there any traffic, planes or trains?


  • Are the public in shot?
  • Are unnecessary things in shot?
  • Are there any trains or cars in shot?


  • Are there plug sockets for lights?
  • Is there good natural lighting?
  • Are the lights controllable?


Professional Recce Sheet – Location Recce Sheet

The difference between my location recce and the professional one is that there is a lot more things I need to look out for when finding a location. Even the littlest detail can make a difference to the footage such as the type of flooring can effect echo or reverb in the audio. I need to take into account whether or not I need a permit to record in a certain location and if I do need one then I need to find out where or who I can get it from such as the council or the police department.
The professional Recce sheet is a similar layout as mine is but the professional one is in much more detail than mine is as they have talked about each individual aspect that could go wrong however I have grouped them all together which will make it harder to find problems when on location in the future.



Week 4: Word Produced

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