Week 4: Problems and Solutions

We planned to shoot a interview in groups based around the college, we experienced a few problems during location recce and while shooting. We planned to film in the sports building as it was quiet when we checked it at first and had good seating and backgrounds, however when we went back there it was a different time so it was louder and there were classes going on so not only was it loud we couldn’t disturb them. We changed location to the LRC and ask if we could film but they ask if we don’t get anyone else in shot so we had to frame so everyone was out of shot. By doing this we had problems with our audio, we couldn’t frame the shot without anyone in it and pickup good quality audio of both interviewer and interviewee at the same time. We had ideas and tried them all but every time the sound man was either in shot or one person was louder than the other due to positioning. Eventually we found places for the microphone and the interviewer and interviewee to sit however we were under time constraints so by the time we were finished setting up we had to go back to class. We should have planned the location better before hand as we changed during the filming stage which wasted a lot of valuable time.

Week 4: Problems and Solutions

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