Week 3: Work Produced

We got a list of things to go and record using the Zoom H1, nature, education, technology, rhythm and creativity. The link below is the work I produced.

audio nature ect

We had to find sounds that represented the word given, for nature I had someone walk down a quiet corridor and I recorded their footsteps as that is one of the things that I think of when I think of winter. I could have chosen a better surface to record the footsteps on as it hasn’t got the nature feel I was hoping for, an example of a better surface is gravel because that is more commonly found in nature.

Education I did voices in a class room, I had a perfect location for this and it was easy to source. I could have chosen a better time of day when there were more people around to make the setting more clear in the audio as there is no indication from the dialogue in the recording that they’re in a class room.

For technology I recorded a passing car, this again wasn’t hard to source and was obvious what it was from the recording. However I could have moved away from crowds of people although it wasn’t loud the zoom picked up their voices, I could’ve also ask them to be quiet for a few seconds while I record.

Rhythm I recorded someone tapping on a table which was the quickest thing we could get as towards the end we were running out of time, but it still works well and is relatively obvious to what it is. I could of gone to the music department and ask them to play something if I had more time to record.

Creativity was me scratching the noise covers on the microphone, it sounded a lot like some sawing wood, this one was a harder one as it was such an open idea so there was so many other things that I could of done but didn’t.




Week 3: Work Produced

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