Week 3: Problems and Solutions

twitterI made a Twitter account so that I could test it to see if is what I need to post updates and information about my winter project. There is a problem with using Twitter which is that there is a 140 character word limit, This limits the amount of information that I can post in one blog. I can solve this by either making multiple posts about the same thing or use a different interactive platform such as Instagram.

I have been on Facebook for a while now so know what it can do and after researching into Twitter it is my preferred choice as more people have access to my work on Twitter than they do on Facebook as it is more of a public platform.

I can post text, images and video on Twitter so it has a great variety of ways to promote my project to an audience, such as behind the scenes images and clips and information about progress in the project.



I also made an Instagram account to experiment with it. It focuses on images however it can do videos and you can write text under the images. There isn’t a word count on Instagram therefore if I need to write in more detail about something I would use Instagram rather than Twitter.

Instagram isn’t as public as Twitter but can still be seen by the public if your settings allows it, so I will credit both of the accounts so that people from each account have access to the other.

Instagram will be more reliable when posting behind the scenes images and videos as that is its main focus whereas Twitter does all three but the most commonly used one is text.




YouTube is the final Interactive platform that I am thinking about using, this will be where I post my finished project and any clips or trailers for it to receive feedback.

YouTube is another public platform but I will also link the Instagram and Twitter account to it so people from there come and look at the finished project that they have been following on the other two accounts and vice versa.

Any feedback I get will be in the comments section, I could post a trailer before the final project to see feedback to adjust anything if needed or to add any ideas given that I feel are good. All accounts have the same username so that it is easy to find them and are recognizable by people who only have one.



We had to go out and record sounds that are relevant to the list that we were given which consisted of nature, education, technology, rhythm and creativity. The first problem I had was thinking of things that I could record for each one, I am in a good location to source most of them but am under a time limit. Most of the list are outside so its going to be hard to record audio, I am going to use a wind guard which will stop the microphone picking up wind noise and hopefully create clearer audio overall.
I am using a Zoom H1 which wont be as specific as a shotgun microphone for example as it isn’t directed directly at the source of the sound, but if I find a quiet enough location and good sound then it will be fine.
The finished work is on the Work Produced blog along with an analysis of the it.



Week 3: Problems and Solutions

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