Week 3: Feedback and Reflections

Reflections on this week

This week I have been focused on researching aspects of my winter project. I have looked into different interactive platforms and have decided on these three, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. I have explained why I chose the ones I did on the ‘problems and solutions blog’ and also explained the advantages and disadvantages of each.
We also did a task that focused on audio as that one of our weak spots and for the task we had to record different sounds that link to word in a list which included nature, technology, education, rhythm and creativity. This task went well and the audio came out clear however there were a few things like the nature sound I used didn’t feel as much like nature as I hoped it would so I could have chosen a different surface to have my subject walk on so that it had a different feel.
Overall my plan for the winter project is the same as last week.

Week 3: Feedback and Reflections

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