Week 2: Work Produced

mind map of research

This is a mind map of the types of things I am going to research about interviews in week 2.

The work above is a set of interviews that I shot and edited, the main focus of this was the visuals so I used rule of thirds to make the shot more appealing to the eye and used a plain background to pull all of the attention on the subject. Both the people that I interviewed sat in the same place so it seemed natural when I cut the footage and both sat at a table to make the shot look more professional.

We had to consider what was in the background behind the interviewee and focus on framing. We had a few problems before we started like we hadn’t charged the camera before hand and it was low on battery so we had to wait a bit for that to charge, another thing is that we had to focus on framing so the audio wasn’t going to be great therefore we had to think of a very quiet place.

I edited the footage together and think it works well, I mixed both the interviews together so that its not so repetitive to watch. The white wall behind the interviewee was a good background that put most of the focus on the subject, however it could have made the interview overall a little bit more interesting if there was a backdrop of some kind. An idea for different backgrounds could be that depending on which side the interviewee supports the colour could change as the questions are about the films Star Wars, or I could set up the shot so there is people walking past or something of relevance in the background and put it out of focus so it doesn’t draw to much attention away.

Week 2: Work Produced

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