Week 2: Problems and Solutions

I am researching into interviews to find out the different thing that they include so that I can decide to go on and do interviews my self or not.


The cameras build in microphone has problems such as it can pick up button pressing and the internal fans low rumble, so the two examples below could be good alternative.

Shotgun microphone is good for single person interviews as it picks up sound in the direction it is pointed while blocking out most of the surrounding sounds.

Lav microphone is a good backup in case the shotgun does happen to pick up any surround sound.


Three point lighting is the best setup for an interview as depending on the subject of the interview you can change the feel of it by manipulating the light, adding shadows for example

A problem that could occur if I was recording the interview is that you could become distracted from the subject therefor by making the background out of focus it will put all the attention on the subject. Another way of doing this is by using medium close ups, this fills the majority of the frame with the subject and also uses rule of thirds.

A problem with recording the general public is that I have little to no control over the background, audio or framing. therefore I think I am going to interview people I know instead so that I have full control over them aspects.

The visuals feel much more like winter so I could add some Christmas lights in the background and put them out of focus so the attention is still on the subject but it feels a little bit more festive.
An example of this is here:


And the link to the video to show how this is done is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LTG7ysLNH8 – Film Riot (15 July 2012)


I am planning on using Twitter, YouTube and Instagram as my interactive platforms, the reason being that Twitter is more open to the public than Facebook is as strangers can follow the account and keep up to date where as on Facebook you need to be a friend to see posts.  A bad thing with twitter is that they have a word count of 140 characters which means I cant go into detail in one post, so I will have to use something else if I wanted to talk in detail.

I will be using YouTube will be my final platform for my project as I will upload the finished project there and receive feedback from the comments section. I could also upload any clips from the project I think are good to get feedback on how its going, and could also post a trailer for the final project.

I will use Instagram because it is the simplest platform to post pictures of behind the scenes and keep people updated visually. People can also post comments saying what they think about the production and maybe put ideas out for me to adapt mine. I can write more than 140 characters like Twitter does so I can go into more detail when talking about the progress of the project.






Week 2: Problems and Solutions

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