Week 2: Feedback and Reflections


Three skills that I feel confident in using and have used in past projects are Rule of Thirds, Three point lighting and Avid. I fully understand how to use Rule of Thirds and why it is used, I used it a bit in my ‘Hello’ project and ‘The Chase’. I haven’t used Three Point lighting in any of my projects yet but feel confident in setting one up if I do decide to use it in a future project. I have used Avid for all of my projects and exercises so far and am reasonably familiar with it, I can do a simple edit which is more than what I could do before.

Things that went wrong with my projects were that I feel I chose a dull genre which made the finished project kind of boring, I could have chosen something more exiting with more interesting shots such as Action or Adventure. When filming the ‘Hello’ project we were using an external microphone plugged directly into the camera however we forgot to turn it on so we had no audio, we solved this by filming the audio separately and dubbing it in during post production which actually turned out well.

The main thing I could focus on is audio in general most of the projects that I have done so far have consisted of either none or a little bit of dialogue due to audio problems or just not using any. So I have near to no experience with using audio in a major project so need some practice on that.

Reflections on this week

This week  have been focused on researching different things about interviews and have found out a lot, my plan for the winter project is to interview people so I have looked into the best audio and visual equipment for the job. I have also found some skills which may make the interviews overall more appealing which has changed my idea slightly. I plan to interview people I know rather than the general public that way I have more control over all the aspects of the interview, such as the audio, the framing, the background and their body language. However as now its people I know the answers wont be as natural as if it was the public, to solve this I am not going to tell the people I interview anything about it until they sit down this way it is more in the moment and they don’t have prepared answers.


The feedback I got from the class was helpful, they said I shouldn’t tell the interviewee what the questions are about so that I get a better variety of answers or that they seem more natural. I also need to come up with a focus for the questions and what the outcome will be.


Week 2: Feedback and Reflections

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