Week 1: Work Produced

Work Produced

I did some research in a group by asking different people questions to do with winter to see what sort of result we would get.

winter interviews audio

The work above is work I produced to practice recording audio which went well, however there was one issue with the recording. We recorded a florist while she was still working so there was a constant rustling of flowers, we couldn’t ask her to stop because she wasn’t sure about doing it in the first place.

To solve this problem I could choose better people to interview or ask her politely to stop and explain why.


I am thinking of interviewing a variety of different people and ask a series of winter inspired questions to get answers which I can then compare between each other and see which are similar and how they are similar.

For the visuals I might ask the people that I interview if I can visually record the interview and I’m also thinking about adding clips that relate to either the question or the answer with the audio of the interviews over the top.


I made a PowerPoint presentation about this project and presented it to the class for feedback which I will use to either adapt or change my idea for the better.

Project 2 – this is the PowerPoint presentation I made

Week 1: Work Produced

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