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Action films involve a lot of physical things such as stunts, fights or car chases. The protagonist is usually a hero on some kind of mission but has a low chance of completing it alive.

There are many sub-genres of Action which include Action-war, Action-Comedy etc.

Examples of these are ‘Die Hard’ ,’Raiders of the Lost Ark’, ‘Platoon’ and ‘Hot Fuzz’.


Horror films always set out to make the audience scared by what they see on screen, they do this by creating a terrifying scenario which the protagonist/protagonists are in danger by an evil person, spirit, creature or monster. Most Horrors follow the tradition of having a lot of violence and gore to add disgust as well as fear.

Some of the sub-genres for Horror are Comedy-Horror, Teen-Horror, Zombie-Horror and Supernatural-Horror etc.

Examples of these are ‘Shaun of the Dead’, ‘The Ring’, ‘Saw’ and ‘Scream’.


The whole point of Comedy is to make the audience laugh, they use humour along with specifically written stories and characters to make the film funny. Comedy can be implemented into almost every genre as it is the most flexible.

Some of the sub-genres of comedy are Action-Comedy, Horror-Comedy and Romantic-Comedy.

Examples of these are ‘Groundhog Day’, ‘Hot-Fuzz’, ‘Zombieland’ and ‘Happy Gilmore’.


The Western Genre is usually stories revolving around the late 19th century and the divide between Cowboys and Indians or the conflict between Lawmen and Outlaws. However there tends to be a hero with some kind of goal.

Some of the sub-genres are Science-Fiction Western, Revisionist Western, Spaghetti Western and Contemporary Westerns.

Examples of these are ‘No Country for Old Men ‘Men’,’The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ and ‘Back to the Future 3’.

Science Fiction:

Sci-Fi films generally take place in the future involving a lot of science, they either take place in a futuristic earth where there is advanced technology or in space in unexplored areas. There are many types of Sci-Fi films because there not based on anything so the stories are dependant on the writers imagination.

Some of the sub-genres are Apocalypse Films, Time Travel Film Alien Films.

Examples of this are ‘Alien’, ‘Back to the Future’ and ‘War of the Worlds’.


Adventure genre usually has a protagonist who is delving into the unknown after someone or something and goes through many obstacles to get there.

A sub-genre of Adventure is Swashbuckler Film.

Examples of these are ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’, ‘Robin Hood’.


Thriller Genre is used to create anticipation and suspense by showing how much danger the characters are in. The main problem is built upon throughout the film then resolved at the end.

Some of the sub-genres of Thriller are Action Thriller, Crime Thriller, Film Noire and Science Fiction Thriller.

Some examples of these are ‘Kill Bill Vol.1’, ‘The Usual Suspects’, ‘District 9’ and ‘Sunset Boulevard’.


Family Genre contains family friendly content for younger viewers as well as adults to enjoy.

The sub-genres of Family Genre are Musical and Animated.

Examples of these are ‘The Wizard of Oz’, ‘Mary Poppins’, ‘Toy Story’.


Drama films tend to have more realistic plots where the character has to overcome a personal struggle or a realistic problem.

Some sub-genres of genre are Courtroom, Dramedy, Historical, Tragedy.

Examples of these are ‘The Shawshank Redemption’, ‘Casablanca’ and ‘The Godfather’



As this picture is dark it could imply that the genre is either Thriller, Horror or Mystery. It could suggest the character is evil or a killer and that he should be feared.


Compared to the one above this image is a lot brighter, this could suggest that it is a more upbeat genre such as Rom-Com or Comedy as it being bright makes it feel more happy.


This is the normal natural lighting which could mean it could be a Documentary.

Film Greeting Scenes:


This scene is a Thriller, you can tell from the suspenseful music along with the auto tuned hello from the tape. The fact that it is auto tuned shows that this person wants to stay anonymous, the fear of the unknown and the fact he is saying it like this to the supposed bad guy throughout the whole film represents he has power.



In this scene you can tell the character is nervous by the way he introduced himself. He is really quiet and isn’t heard over everyone else and has to repeat himself in order to have his say.



In this scene the way the word hello is said suggests that Biff is calling George an idiot as he is also humiliating him in front of a crowd and it is implied that this isn’t the first time.



The way the word Hello is said is with confidence and he said he’s back this could mean he’s back for revenge or has a past with them.


(HANGOVER 2 00:38)

This scene is a comedy and it plays on the fact that you can change the meaning of one word by saying it a different way. The more ways they say it the funnier it gets.



This scene is a horror and the fact that there is two girls who say it at the same time really adds a sense of creepiness to the word. There is also a slight echo which does this as well.

I have pitched my ideas to my group and overall they think  that Drama is the best option and that it is a good idea, if I use the correct camera angles and exposure I can successfully represent the genre of Drama.

I did a number of different things for the research process and they were all good. I used the internet a lot to look for different hello scenes and analyse the difference shot types and exposures used to see if I could use a certain technique. I also asked my Dad who has a good knowledge of films to see if he had any examples of hello scenes. The early planning is the most effective for me such as mind mapping, I find that writing all the possible options and what they include helps pick the best option for the most successful outcome.

Basic Proudction Schedule – This is the basic production schedule for the Hello Project.

story board

The image above is a rough story board of my Scene and has the shots I would like to to include with a location in mind which is shown below.

For my Hello scene I chose the genre of Drama, I changed the ISO on the camera to make it darker which added a cold effect to add to the genre of Drama. I feel that I could have chosen a more interesting genre like Action as it is a wider genre and easier to present to an audience without dialogue.


This location is good as it has everything I need for the shoot, the weather that day that day was almost perfect as my project is Drama so it was supposed to look dark a dreary.

Untitled 2

This is this is the location that I ended up using for my shoot as it was a little bit more secluded than the first one, as there were people walking by and I didn’t want to get in there way and also it was hard to keep them out of shot.

I didn’t use any props in this production as the story didn’t require any.

 – This is someone else’s story that they created and I edited, I can use this to compare to my own project and also to improve my knowledge of the editing programme that I am using which is Avid. The difference in shots and exposure suggest the difference genres between my hello scene and this one.

The time limit and budget are important as they both play huge parts. the budget allows you to purchase props, outfits or even rent out locations for the production. The timescale can impact the quality quite a lot if it means that the shoot is rushed, therefor productions with longer timescales tend to much better than the ones that had to rush to finish.

We had a very small budget for these productions so it made it a little bit difficult to create a story because we had to work with what we had. I feel if we had a budget there would have been better use of props. The time we had for creating this was again very short so we come up with a brief idea then film and edit the footage all in two weeks, if we had more time there might have been a boost in quality of the overall production.

Another thing we had to keep in mind was Health and Safety, we made sure we were not in anyone’s way or that we didn’t set up in front of a fire escape. We each picked ours spots to fit specifically with the production but also with health and safety in mind and we had no accident or interruptions during the shoots.











Hello Project