Week 7: Representation in the Media: Unit 4

In this post I am going to look into the ways that different groups of people are portrayed in film and also look into positive representations of some of these groups.


How people are portrayed in the media:

  • Stereotypes
  • Positive or negative


Hegemonic principle

Examples of positive representations of different groups in film.

Race – Jurassic World, East Enders, Coronation street, Skins, The Avengers

Sexual orientation – Skins, Coronation street, Emmerdale, Brooklyn nine nine, Glee

Disability – Breaking Bad, Glee, Bad Education, Covert Affairs

Age – Glee, Taken, RED


In Brooklyn nine nine the Captain of the team is both gay and black, this shows a positive representation of both race and sexual orientation. A big racial stereotype is that black people tend to be the bad guy which isn’t true and isn’t the case in this programme as he is in the Captain of a police station.



In Forrest Gump (1994) there is a debate whether Tom Hanks’s character Forrest Gump actually has a disability, however he is said to be slow as he has a lower than average IQ. His disability doesn’t effect the story apart from making his character silly as the genre of a film is comedy. Overall it is a positive representation as it shows that he is a nice person and it doesn’t make a difference whether he has a disability or not by not making it clear.

aaron twd

In the programme The Walking Dead there is a character called Aaron who is gay, it has no relevance to the story and isn’t revealed until a while after the character is introduced. It shows a good representation of them as no one is offended by this or discriminating him for it.


This work was interesting because as a class we found it surprisingly difficult to find a positive representation of minorities such as race, disability etc. but once I found a few it was clear there are a lot of examples. 





Week 7: Representation in the Media: Unit 4

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