Week 5: Introduction to Audio: Unit 1: Mike

In this blog I am going to explore Foley Operators, I have been given a task to create sounds using object that I have available to me so I am going to experiment with different objects to try to recreate sounds.


We looked at Foley Operators and the types of things that they do, we had to go out and try to recreate certain sounds using the environment that we are in.

The sounds we had to create were:

  • Human voice
  • Footsteps
  • Running water
  • Rain
  • Spaceship
  • Horseshoes

The main problem with this was the environment we are in is Canterbury College, therefore it is very loud for the whole duration of the day and is rarely quiet. This meant that me and my group found it hard to find a quiet place to record so that all background noise is eliminated. We did manage to find a quiet room, however another problem occurred which was that there was reverberation for at least 1 second. This meant that the sound from us talking bounced around the room for around 1 second before stopping which lowered the quality of recording.

You can find our recordings below.

mikes audio lesson Foley noises


I found it was surprisingly difficult to recreate sounds using objects found in the area and it was also difficult to find a quite place to record these different noises.

Week 5: Introduction to Audio: Unit 1: Mike

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