Week 5: Introduction to Audio: Unit 1

I am going to explain the different types of microphones, and then record different ambient sound showing understanding of using a microphone.


Polar Patterns

Cardioid – It is most sensitive from the front and least at the back.

Omnidirectional – picks up equal amounts of sound from all directions.

Hyper Cardioid – The same as Super Cardioid but picks up more sound from behind it.

Super Cardioid – Picks up sound from the front and picks up less sound from the back than the Hyper Cardioid does.

Figure of Eight (Bidirectional) – This picks up sound from the front and back of the mic but not the sides.

Shotgun pattern – This is used to pinpoint the sound as it picks up most of the sounds from the front of the microphone.

I recorded different ambient sounds twice using a different polar pattern each time to see if there was a significant difference, I did four recordings outside and four inside. There wasn’t a significant difference between them however they did change depending on the surroundings. You can see the recordings below.

primary ambient sounds


I learned a lot about the different types, uses and features of all the different microphones and polar patterns.

Week 5: Introduction to Audio: Unit 1

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