Week 4: Introduction to cameras: Unit 1

For this I am going to look into the different setting on a Camera such as Shutter speed and Apeture and say how they work.


Shutter speed

The shutter speed changes how fast the shutter is. The longer it takes for the shutter to close the more light comes in causing moving objects to look blurry, however if the shutter closes quickly the moving object will be clearer as it less time to move while taking the picture.

IMG_2427     1/100

IMG_2426      1/500

IMG_2425     1/1000


The aperture controls the amount of light the lens is taking in, it does this by changing the size of the lens.

IMG_2450    f/4.5  This first picture uses depth of field were the subject is out of focus compared to the background.

IMG_2449   f/12   This second images is where both the background and the subject are in equal focus.

IMG_2448    f/22  The final picture is where the subject is in focus and the background isn’t.


I learned about aperture and shutter speed in this lesson and produced pictures based off what I learned, I could use them again in my own product if I needed to.


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