week 4: Introduction to lighting: unit 1

In this piece of work I worked in a group to produce a short meeting scene using still images, I am going to explain this and also look into the 180 degree rule and shot reverse shot.



Using a storyboard we planned a meeting then carried it out using a series of shot types such as, over the shoulder (OTS), close-ups, long shots and wide shots.

180° rule

We used the 180° rule which is where you don’t cross the line where the characters are standing so that it seems that they are having a conversation. The picture to the above shows this in greater detail. You can switch which side you are on if you make it obvious with a pan or a different technique.

In our production above we did it against a wall so it was impossible to break the 180 degree rule so that it would always look consistent.

Shot reverse shot

Shot reverse shot is where you keep cutting between the two character with over the shoulder shots, this helps the audience understand that the two characters are having a conversation and who is talking at what time. This and the 180° rule work together to create a good dialog scene which is understandable and easy to follow for the audience. We used shot reverse shot in our production above which worked well.


I learned about a variety of techniques including Shot reverse shot and the 180 degree rule and produced images based off them, I feel comfident that I could use them in my own projects in the future.


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