Week 3: Introduction to lighting: Unit 1

For this I am going to explain about three point lighting and how and why it is used. I will also talk about how our eyes see colour and how it works.


How our eyes see colour:

Our eyes can only see colour when there is light, when something is white it is because the object is reflecting all the colours from the light source. However when the object is black it means that it is absorbing all the colours being shone onto it. when something is a certain colour like red for example, the object is absorbing every colour except red therefore the object shows up red.

Three point lighting:

Three point lighting consists off three different positions lights however they can be the same light, the key light, fill light and the back light.

The key light is the main light generally the most powerful and it lights up the subjects face but has some down sides, when on its own and the camera is directly facing the subject it makes them look two-dimensional (2D) but even when you rotate the light there’s still a problem, it creates a shadow on the opposite side of the face. The key light is usually moved 45° left of the subject.

So to solve this problem we add a fill light which shines on the other side of the face. The fill light sorts out the shadows however light designers tend to have the fill light further away from the subject so one side of their face is a little darker than the other this is to define the face.

Finally we use a back light to light up the back of the subject, this separates the subject from the background and creates the illusion of depth. It also makes an outline around the subject which again brings them out from the background.


This was a good thing to learn as it is used in a lot of situation whiles filming, I feel comfident about using it myself in my own production and understand why it is used.

Week 3: Introduction to lighting: Unit 1

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