Introduction to lighting – White balance

In this work I am going to explore the use of white balance, and I am going to produce primary images of each setting to show it each one.


We use White balance to alter the colours in the picture, if the environment is to bright then you could alter the White balance and choose a darker option.


Colour Temperature is a big part of it, if you was outside where is was more towards the blues you would use a white balance that add more orange and reds to even it out.




Daylight                                      Shade                                      Cloudy



Tungsten light                              White fluorescent                    Flash


Daylight                                        Shade                                    Cloudy


Tungsten light                             White fluorescent                      Flash


Daylight                                    Shade                                        Cloudy


Tungsten light                          White fluorescent                     Flash


I found it hard to understand how it works however I understand how to use it, I feel I could use it in my own projects if I need to but wouldn’t know how it was happening.

Introduction to lighting – White balance

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