Week 1 and 4 – Recreation Plan – Unit 2 – 3.1

I am going to imagine I am recreating the TV programme life on mars, I’m going to research every aspect of the programme and try to find props, locations, actors etc.  



I would need a minimum of £5,000 for this production as there is a lot of props and locations needed for the programme, a few scenes would require closing roads from the public so that they wouldn’t get in the way.


The location on the right would work well for the me as it has a lot of back alleys and similar types of buildings the chase scene at the beginner of Life on Mars.

The location on the left would work well for the scene by the park as there is a tower block there and uses an aerial shot from high up.

https://www.airbnb.com you can hire houses in any location. For me I would hire one out in London for the scene at the start when the characters are knocking on the door looking for a suspect.

When filming in a public area you may need to close off roads for a scene, this website http://filmlondon.org.uk/filming_in_london/planning_your_shoot/get-permission-film/road-closures-filming gives you all the information you need for doing that. I can also get in contact with the local council and police department to clarify that I can do what I am doing and that it wont make to much of a disturbance.



http://www.camberwellstudios.co.uk/kit-crew.html this website allows you to get in contact with someone you can hire a crew from. They have camera operators, makeup artists and sometimes a whole production team. Because there is such a big crew to pick from there is bound to be someone with the experience and an understanding in the type of shoot you’re trying to achieve.

In the chase scene at the beginning there is a dog barking at the main character as he’s running through. http://www.a-zdogs.co.uk/dogs-for-hire/large you can find dogs for hire on this website there is many different breed of dogs to choose from.

http://www.moviestunts.ws/stuntcoordinator_contact.html this website you can hire stunt men for scenes that may put the actor at risk, the stunt men are professionally trained to safely achieve the stunts . http://www.cuttingedgecombat.co.uk/Contact-Us-122.html This website provides you with people who can teach your actors how to safely carry out a fight scene.

You will need catering crew as you will be shooting for hours at a time and need to keep the cast and crew fed. you can hire caterers from this website http://www.cateringhire.co.uk/


There are many websites similar to this one (http://www.peopleperhour.com/freelance/actors?ref=search&sort=most-relevant) where you can hire actors for a certain price per hour. Some are even willing to work with you immediately. This website also has professional writers, photographer’s e.c.t which is good because you can hire people to your needs. There are also reviews for each person so you can read up on them to see if there what you want.

To gain extras for the film this website http://www.famestreet.com/auditions.htm will work, you put up an advertisement showing your film and what it will be about so that the extras know what they’re going to do and then they just apply if they want to be a part of it.


The website http://www.tellycars.com/vehicles/police/4/ is where you can hire emergency service cars which come with free professional drivers for all the other scenes involving the cars. This will come in handy as Life on Mars based around the police department. Also to get the generic props such as outfits I will check local shops and online shopping websites such as Amazon.

For pedestrian cars you can go to this website http://www.parkroyalofficefurniture.co.uk/desks and hire cars for a certain amount of time, however you would have to ask permission for the car to be in the production.

This website is where you can hire the police uniforms and also hire police cars as well http://www.shootingstarsuniforms.com/uniforms.html

http://www.parkroyalofficefurniture.co.uk/desks On this website you can hire desks and furniture, this may be useful for the scenes in side the residential houses, police station and interrogation room.


http://www.mediadoghire.com/category/56 this website allows you to hire cameras, spotlights, lenses or anything you may need at a day rate for reasonably cheap depending on the equipment. You can also rent them out at a weekly rate however that is more expensive but cheaper In the long run, depends on how long you going to shoot for.

You will need some where high up for an aerial shot of the park scene, you could use a crane or a high up apartment. http://www.griphirecompanylondon.co.uk/camera-crane-hire-London.htm You can hire cranes for the camera from this website.















I learnt there is alot of research that goes into project before any recording is started on the production.

Week 1 and 4 – Recreation Plan – Unit 2 – 3.1

One thought on “Week 1 and 4 – Recreation Plan – Unit 2 – 3.1

  1. Cat- Content in this post is good Declan, you have covered some good points in this. I feel that you should add more to this to complete it though. Make sure you include an introduction and an evaluation to all of your posts.
    You need to revisit the location and budget on this post though, as you have not shown where exactly you are going to be filming this. This also includes recommendations from the local council and police department.


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