Semiology/Semiotics – The Science of Signs (Images, Colour, Drawing etc.)

Framing – Positioning the subject of the photo or film to achieve a certain effect

Composition – Techniques used to create a more appealing project

Denotation – Description

Connotation – What it implies

Signifier – What it is (Denotation)

Signify – What it means (Connotation)

Apertures – The size of the hole in the lens

Differential focus – How the image has been specifically designed by the photographer such as choosing to keep certain things in focus

Primary – Things you produced yourself

Secondary – Things other people have produced

Type – Expectation of what your about to see

Genre – French for group, means the type of film

Narrative – The story and how to it is told

Mise-en-scene – Everything on the screen

Iconography – The objects

Technical – The lighting/ editing/ camerawork

Quantitative – Research methods that give you a lot of results

Qualitative – Research methods that give you more detailed results

High key lighting – A more bright light were things are easily visible

Low key lighting – A lower light used for specific reasons were things are harder to see or shadows are produced

ISO – How sensitive the camera is to the light

Shutter speed – The shutter speed changes how fast the shutter closes

Depth of field – Whether the background or subject is in focus

Key light – is generally the most powerful light of the three and lights up most of the subject

Back light – separates the subject from the background

Fill light – is used to fill in the shadows on the subject caused by the key light

Foley Operator – someone who creates noises using a variety of objects then add them in post production.

Idents – all words on screen


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