Week 2: What does Director do? and How do you become one?

In this post I am going to research what it takes to be a Director, the knowledge you would need to know and the direction someone would need to head if you would want to become one.


To become a Director is hard you need the knowledge, the resources and you need a lot of luck.


Submitting your work to a film festival such as Sundance and having a producer in the audience who is intrigued by your project. This could lead to one time opportunities where they refer you to a director/producer with an interest in your style of work or they could hire you themselves.

You can create a small production company with people you trust and just make films with the knowledge you have. The more you make the more someone is going to see your work and reach out to you.


However you need a good team in order to carry out your vision, if you have a team who sees things the same way you do they will understand how you work and make the project a lot easier to perfect. Make a name for yourself by setting up a production company with a team you trust to create good content, then people will begin to recognise the name and begin to watch films simply because you made it.

You also need equipment, you don’t need the best camera but one that allows you to create films for yourself. similar to what I said about luck is that the more you make the more you’ll be seen, therefore equipment is a huge part of that process.


There are many Film Production courses in universities out there for you to learn what goes into making a film project. Almost every university has one, some better than others. There are also Film Schools which specialize in what film production involves.

Quentin Tarantino:

In January 1992 Quentin Tarantino became known after his first time writing and directing a film, Reservoir Dogs was shown at the Sundance film festival, the film had amazing reviews and Tarantino become famous very quickly.

He said ‘When people ask me if I went to film school I tell them, ‘no, I went to films.’ this shows experience and an interest, he went to the cinema and watched full length feature films and saw how the audience react to certain things in the film so that he can include the things they like into his own work and leave or remove the things they disliked as an audience.

Quentin Tarantino uses trademarks which makes him recognisable, he has a love for violence and sometimes uses over the top gore in his films. His audience has come to love it with him which makes him instantly recognisable.



This piece of work was interesting as I didn’t know how difficult it was to become a director, you cant just be great at it you also need to know the ins and out of almost every other job involved as you work closely with a lot of them. It was also interesting to find out how someone with great knowledge of film and directing came about become one for my example I chose Quentin Tarantino.

Week 2: What does Director do? and How do you become one?

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  1. Oct 4 – Jenni B – this just about covers how and what – but only just. Make sure you include more detail in your next post. You must tag to unit number, learning outcome and include week and unit number in your title.


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