When and How – Film & TV History

In this post I am going to research different aspects of moving picture, the sound, the TV’s and the when colour was introduced. 


Film Camera – When and How:

The first film camera was a Kodak and it was available to purchase at the price of $25 in 1888. The camera only consisted of 100 film prints and once that was used up another roll of film was needed.


Sound was starting to be introduced in the 1920’s, however before that the Japanese did have human narration and it was very popular during the silent era along with live orchestra who play along to the film. it wasn’t until late 1920’s that the technical difficulties were solved and that film was able to play sound.


The first coloured film was 24 seconds long and created by Edward Turner on the 22nd of march, 1899. the film is of his children in the garden, it was a very simple video however people were amazed. Below is a link to the video (not the original).


Later on down the line coloured televisions were in the making, the first coloured television was NTSC (National Television System Committee) this was used mainly by America. Colour TV was introduced to America 15 years earlier than it was to Europe, the reason being that it was perfected yet. The NTSC need tuning with the analogy every 30 seconds or so other wise the colours would be wrong and then 15 years later NTSC was introduced Europe got PAL (Phase Alternating Line) which was a better success than NTSC.


Charles Francis Jenkins was one of he inventors of television however he invented mechanical instead of electrical television, he was given over 400 patents most of them for his inventions.

Philo Farnsworth was the invented the electrical television, he worked out the idea of his invention


I found out a lot about when and how everything was introduced to result in the moving images we have now.

When and How – Film & TV History

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